Founded in 2013

Dance4aCause was activated by Cecilia Pagkalinawan, an entrepreneur, activist, and an avid dancer and festival goer in 2013 to raise funds for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines which was a category 5 storm and caused significant damage across 7000 islands which affected 44 million people, destroying 1.1 million. Homes displacing 4.1 million people and killing 6000 people.

Born in the Philippines but raised in the US since age 8, Cecilia felt powerless in NYC and decided to host a fundraiser and convinced owners of Brooklyn club Output, promoter Giant Step, and DJ Qtip to donate a portion of the event ticket fees to Dance4aCause Typhoon Haiyan victims and raised $4000. The funds were sent to support rebuilding efforts via Philippines Communitere organized by Burners without Borders and other GoFundMe causes including setting up temporary communication towers in islands where the typhoon destroyed cell towers and telecommunications infrastructure.


Today - 2020

Cecilia decided to reactivate Dance4aCause during quarantine in NYC. Friends from all over the world were getting sick and she was in fear for their lives. She decided to turn her fears into positive energy by promising to do a dance and post the videos on instagram and facebook every time she heard of a friend or family member who survived Covid.